Md. Jahid Hossain, Director

Thanks to my dearest father, Hazi Abdul Malek, the owner of “D-SWAN” Enterprise who has giving me the opportunity as well as the responsibility to hold the post.

At D-Swan, we are proud of the generous support that our clients and business associates have given us over the years and we hope that we can continue to grow and work together to produce excellent outcomes.

Our objective is to provide best support and dig out opportunities where no one else sees them. While it is generally easier to achieve goals in the good times, we also enjoy and learn from the thrill of overcoming challenges in the tough times.

In this environment of strong competition, I believe there are fundamentally two objectives that every business must fulfill. First, business must create superior products and services for clients that in turn generate steady profits that allow our business to continue. Second, business must assume responsibility as a good corporate citizen and take on social responsibility. It is vital that these two objectives are pursued simultaneously. We do this at D-SWAN.

Thanks again to visit our website and hope to keep the better relation than earlier.